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One day tour to Songyang scenery site

Product property: Songyang scenery site is one of the tree major scenery spots of Songshan scenery site. Songyang scenery site is comprised of Songyang Academy, Songyuan temple pagoda, Junjifeng Peak of Taishishan Mt., Fawangsi temple and Huishansi temple. Songyang Academy is one of the four great academies of the Song Dynasty and called Tsinghua University of the Northern Song Dynasty for it is origin of social sciences of the Northern Song Dynasty. Songyang Academy is located in agreeable environment and it has strong cultural taste. Junjifeng of the Taishishan Mt. is the main peak of the Taishishan. The 1500 years old Songyuansi temple pagoda is tall and splendid as father of cylinder type architecture. Its surrounding views are unbelievably beautiful. Fawangsi temple is the first temple of China, which is 424 years earlier than Shaolin temple. Huishansi temple which is located in tranquil environment has cultivated a great many eminent monks. The entire Songyang scenery site is endowed with spendid view.
Target groups: The site is ideal destination for tourists who love Chinese studies of anchient Chinese civilization, health maintenance, sports and tranquil environment. In addition, it is a good place for parents to take their children to experience the ancient Buddhism and Confucian culture. To short, it is an ideal route for weekend holiday and mountaineering tourism.
Main itinerary: It takes approximately 4 hours to climb up and down the Taishishan Mt., and around 1 hour to visit Songyang Academy, Songyuansi temple, Fawangsi temple and Huishansi temple respectively.
Reference price: The package ticket price for Songyang scenery site is 80 Yuan per person, which includes tickets for the Taishishan Mt., Songyang Academy, Songyuansi temple pagoda, Fawangsi temple and Hushansi temple. Remindings: 1. There is no cable car to climb the mountain. Please take sufficient food and water. 2. Considering time limit, tourists are advised to visit only Songyang Academy and Songyuansi temple pagoda. 3. Climbing route for the Taishishan Mt.: Route A: Tourists could drive to the parking area of Laomudong Cave and climb to Junjifeng Peak of the Taishishan Mt where they could go down the mountain. The whole visit takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. Route B: Tourists could take the steps at east of Songyang Academy to climb to Junjifeng Peak, which akes approximately 3to 4 hours. Route C: Toursts could climb to Junjifeng Peak and go down the mountain by the meto station, Qingguangping and Luya waterfall. The whole visit takes approximately 5 to 6 hours.